Have they▓ been dead long” I asked indifferen▓tly.“Ever since you were the tiniest litt▓le tot,” he replied.And thereupon, as the● subject did not prove espe



cially interesting, ▓I had let it drop. Time went on.I was perfe●ctly contented.The doctor and his wif▓e were kindness personified.●The present occupied me s

I pursued.?/h1>


o p●leasantly that I forgot to be curious about t●he past.But at length, when I was● fifteen, the question of my parentage was agai●n brought to my mind—this t



ime by a lad with● whom I had had a quarrel and who as a● parting thrust had inquired significantly whe▓ther I knew the definition of● the Hebrew noun Mamzer.Hi



ghly incensed, I● ran home and burst into the doctor’s● study.“Doctor,” I demanded, without ▓ceremony, “am I a Mamzer”—“What a no●tion! Of course you are


not,” re▓plied the rabbi.—“Then,” ●I continued, “what am I Tell me all ●about my father and mother.” ▓The doctor said there was no

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thing to te●ll except that my mother had● died when I was less than two year▓s old, and my father not a great while after h▓er.They had been

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members of his (the docto●r’s) congregation; and rather ▓than see me sent to an orphan● asylum, he and his wife had taken me to▓ live with

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them.—“But what sort of pe●ople were they, my parents” I insi●sted.“Give me some particulars about t●hem.”—“They were very res▓pecta

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ble, and by their neigh▓bors generally esteemed well off.

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Your father ha●d been a merchant; but for the la▓st year his health was such as to confine him to● his bedroom.It was quite a surprise to every▓ body to find on his death that very little p●roperty was left.That little was gobbl●ed up by his creditors.So that● you have no legacy

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to expect except—●—” “Except” I queried as the doctor hes●itated.“There is no exce

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ption.You ●have no legacy to expect at all.”—“B●ut,” I resumed, “had my parents no rel?/p>

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坅tions Have I no uncles or aunts Am ▓I altogether without kindred” 癃“So far as I know, y

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ou are.〃埍 Your father came originally from Breslau.▓ It is possible that he had relative

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